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About JLM

Travilyn Livingston, Jay’s only child, and Randy Talmadge, Travilyn’s husband, own and operate Jay Livingston Music, Inc.

Having been there when her father wrote all of his music and collaborated with partner Ray Evans on the words, she is intimately familiar with each and every song.

“Because my bedroom and his office were next to each other I remember hearing my father create his melodies, usually during the wee hours of the night. He would then pass the musical ideas onto Ray who would work on the lyrical ideas, then bring them back to my father and they would refine what Ray had come up with. My father would perform all of the demo recordings because he not only played fabulous piano, but also because he had such a great vocal style for whatever type of song was needed.”

Having loved music all of his life Randy Talmadge was given his opportunity into the music business by his father-in-law in 1973 when Randy asked “what’s the best job in the music business?” Jay’s reply? “Being a hit songwriter.” Randy’s reply? “I don’t think I have the talent to be a hit songwriter. What’s the next best job in the music business?” Jay’s reply? “Being the publisher for the hit songwriter.” Randy found out what a publisher’s job was and said “I can do that.” Jay and Ray gave Randy a job as a song-plugger at their publishing company Livingston & Evans, Inc. in 1973. Since that time Randy has learned the publishing business from all sides having worked for Livingston & Evans, Inc., RCA Records Sunbury/Dunbar Music, The Doors, Fred Karlin, Chappell Music, Warner/Elektra/asylum Music, his own company with partner Jim Ed Norman Jensing Music, his own companies Indian Hill Music and Indian Wells Music with partner Chris Darrow, his own companies KRLT Music and WRLT Music that own and administer various writers and their catalogs, and where it all began in 1973, Jay Livingston Music, Inc.

“We feel blessed to have been given the responsibility of taking care of my father’s catalog of music. It truly is a treasure trove of musical entertainment with historical importance that we along with our daughter Tammy and grandchildren Austin, Hannah, and Michelle will cherish forever.”