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Tammy And The BachelorTAMMY is another famous Livingston & Evans title song. It was written for Debbie Reynolds to sing in the Universal picture, “Tammy and The Bachelor”. The Debbie Reynolds record was a huge hit, and the song received an Oscar nomination in 1957. When they didn’t win, the president of the Motion Picture Academy told them they didn’t receive the award because of a promotion Universal sent out to all Academy members: a letter written in a girl’s handwriting and signed, TAMMY, asking for votes. The Academy members apparently resented this blatant advertising, although today this sort of thing is rampant.


Jay Livingston & Ray Evans
Jay Livingston Music,Inc. (ASCAP)
St. Angelo Music (ASCAP)
Copyright Renewed


Debbie Reynolds, with Joseph Gershenson and the Universal International Orchestra, from the soundtrack of TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR, Coral Records single #61851 (female vocal)
Joseph Gershenson and the Universal International Orchestra, from the film TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR, Coral Records single # 9-61845 (instrumental)
Debbie Reynolds, TAMMY and 11 Other Great Folk Hits, Dot Records #DLP 3492 (female vocal)
Floyd Cramer, produced by Chet Atkins, ON THE REBOUND, RCA Victor Records #LSP-2359 (piano solo with orchestra and chorus)
John Gary, THE CHOICE OF THE GREATEST, RCA Victor Records # LPM-3501 (male vocal)
The Ames Brothers, with Joe Reisman’s Orchestra and Chorus, RCA Victor Records single # 47-6930 (male vocal)
George Barnes and His Music, Decca Records single # 9-30398 (instrumental)
Dean Courtney, RCA Victor Records single # 47-9049 (male vocal)
Pat Kirby, vocal with Orchestra and Chorus directed by Ralph Burns, Decca Records single # 9-30317 (female vocal)
Bill Snyder, His piano and Orchestra, Decca Records single # 9-30433 (instrumental)
Fred Ellis, vocal with Chorus and Orchestra directed by Henry Jerome, Coral Records single # 62264 (male vocal)
The Gunter Kallmann Chorus, 4 Corners of the World/Polydor Records single #FC4-146 (chorus)
Richard Hayman, His Orchestra and Chorus, Mercury Records single # 71123X45 (instrumental with vocal chorus)
Burt Kaempfert and His Orchestra, WONDERLAND BY NIGHT, Decca Records # DL 74101 (instrumental, trumpet solo by Charly Tabor)
Andy Williams, Orchestra conducted by Robert Mersey, “DANNY BOY” AND OTHER SONGS I LOVE TO SING, Columbia Records # CL 1751 (male vocal)
Roger Williams, GREATEST HITS, MCA Records # MCAD-63
Andy Williams, Orchestra conducted by Robert Mersey, “DANNY BOY” AND OTHER SONGS I LOVE TO SING, Columbia Records # CL 1751 (male vocal)
Ray Conniff and His Orchestra and Chorus, MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS, Columbia Records LP # CK- 8374

Academy-award nominee from the Universal International Picture TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR

L  I  S  T  E  N      T  O     M  O  R  E     V  E  R  S  I  O  N  S

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